Tribal Electric Supply Company (TESCO)

TESCO was created on August 5, as a semi-autonomous body for coordinating and providing a unified direction to the development of schemes in the water and power sectors, which were previously being dealt with, by the respective Electricity and Irrigation Departments of the Provinces. The Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) has 289,729 electricity consumers spread over in area of 27,333 sq. km. Four operational divisions with 11 subdivisions are engaged in the operation and maintenance of the electricity system. The area was previously being served by the FATA Circle of Peshawar Electricity Supply Company. However, in order to improve operational efficiency and customer services, a separate company was established to carry out expeditious development,operation, maintenance and augmentation of the electrical network and revenue collection from within the area itself.

More information on TESCO is available on its website.