Power Distribution Companies (DISCOs)

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The electricity supply service in Pakistan, initially, was undertaken by different agencies, both in the public and private sector. In order to provide for the unified and coordinated development of the water and power resources, Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) was created in 1958 through the WAPDA Act, 1958.

Electricity distribution services were being performed by various Regions of WAPDA in various localities. The Area Electricity Boards (AEBs) were established under the AEB scheme in 1982 to provide more autonomy and representation to provincial governments, elected representatives, industrialists, agriculturalists and other interest groups. A total of eight AEBs were established for this purpose. In 1994, a Strategic Plan for Pakistan Power Sector Reform was approved by the Government of Pakistan which subsequently resulted in the unbundling of WAPDA‘s power wing into 14 companies for power generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. The aim was corporatization, commercialization and eventual privatization of these organizations, known as generation companies (GENCOs), National Transmission and Power Dispatch Company (NTDC) and power distribution companies (DISCOs).